Tabletop Gaming by All Things Fun!

Camden Comic Con Gaming Event Hosted by All Things Fun!

All Events to be hosted in the Multi-Purpose Room Right located in the Campus Center.

(CC/NCR on this map

10am-5:30pm: ALL DAY OPEN GAMING (FREE!)

We’ll have a supply of board games and you should feel free to bring your own as well! We’ll be playing all kinds of board & card games including pick-up games of popular collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! And more.

We’ll also be running demonstrations of various games throughout the day. Be sure to visit the Game Room to see what demonstrations are coming up!

11am Magic: The Gathering Standard Tournament (Entry Fee: $5)

Bring your best “Standard” Format deck and play in this officially sanctioned Magic: The Gathering Event. (Please make certain your decks are Standard Format legal and your cards are sleeved.) Promotional Prizes to be awarded to winners!

12:30pm HeroClix: Battle for Camden!

Bring your best ROC Restricted 400 point format team. (We’ll also have some extra teams if you’d like to participate!)

2pm Dicemasters Chaos in Camden Draft! (Entry Fee: $15)

Your entry fee secures you 12 random packs of Dicemasters and a random promotional card! You’ll build your team from the items you open in your packs. Prizes for the winners!

Join us for an all day All Things Fun! Reunion! Play games and have a great time!

Free Comic Con @ Rutgers University-Camden