Comics Outside Comics

Comics Outside Comics:  The Artform’s Adventures in Academia, Fashion, Sales, Vice and Theoretical Physics 
11:45 am – 12:45 pm

The comics artform is bursting way beyond the panel-borders of the traditional graphic fanbase. Big businesses, museums, schools and foundations and rum and vape and coffee brands are hiring comics creators to tell their stories (or sometimes just give their audiences some extra entertainment). Some of the medium’s best talents have been making a second career of this, and on this panel we’ll talk to several, including Frank Espinosa & Sajan Saini (Ferragamo shoes; Princeton Plasma Physics Lab), Bishakh Som (Immigrant Justice Network), Andrea Tsurumi & Josh O’Neil(Philadelphia Museum of Art, Locust Moon), Derick Howard Jones (Red-Eye Vapor), Nick Sousanis (Harvard University Press) and Damian Duffy (cartoonist/Library Sciences PhD). Come hear them give a unique view of how to make it in — and out of — comics!


Adam McGovern


Frank Espinosa, Sajan Saini, Andrea Tsurumi, Josh O’Neil, Bishakh Som, Derick Howard Jones, Nick Sousanis (by skype), & Damian Duffy (by skype)


Executive Meeting Room, Campus Center Lower Level

Free Comic Con @ Rutgers University-Camden